Case Studies

Low Wood Hotel, Windermere 2017 in Progress

Cumbrian Roofing Solutions Ltd have been awarded the roofing package on prestige Low Wood Hotel with the owners spending £16,000,000.00 on refurbishment and New build on the original site, our roof package consists of all Traditional Zinc Works, Liquid Coatings, Aluminium rainwater goods and Single ply roof coatings.

Latest pictures of the Zinc roof which is looking amazing looking over one of the UK’s most natural areas of beauty!


Kingcase School, Prestwick, Ayrshire Completed August 2017

Cumbrian Roofing Solutions where awarded the contract of installing a new Sarnafil Plus roof system, working close with Sika we installed 900m2 of the Sarnafil S327-12EL roofing system over existing felt roofs which were at the end of there longevity!! the works involved removal and replacement of existing rooflights, new fascia trims and a Trespa Meteon cladding system on a plant room we also took all timber works on as part of our package.20170811_123148 20170810_124247



Stepping Stones Holiday Lets Ambleside August 2017

Stunning building in the heart of the lake district, Cumbrian roofing Solutions provided a Danosa Danapol HS+ 1.5mm Single ply membrane, 120mm insulation and self adhered high performance vapour control layer this will provide the client with a 20 year insurance backed guarantee, we also are installing the Green roof and will add photo’s when complete.

20170822_134940 20170822_133138 20170822_133127


GSK Main Building Ulverston July 2017

Cumbrian roofing solutions Ltd were involved with the design and installation of a new Zinc facade to the existing main building to enhance and modernise the building, we installed a full timber frame work along all existing elevations to support the proposed Zinc cladding, the client went for a Prefalz Light Grey colour on the top two elevations and opted for Prefa White on the bottom section, other works included a Protan single ply membrane installed around the full internal perimeter walls to make watertight and a new Protan roof covering on the small entrance, existing liquid applied coating roofs we reactivated around the edges and we used a Centaur coating to make watertight complex jointing details.

Cumbrian Roofing Solutions Ltd have invested in all the machinery and plant required to enable us to complete all works onsite which gives us a huge advantage as it allow’s us to make every single Zinc panel and all required flashing’s to suit different elevations which prevents any delays and allows bespoke panels to be made there and then where as some of the other roofing contractors buy direct of the manufacturer and this results in downtime and delays the project programme.

Reception – Before














Houghton Primary School, Carlisle July 2017 – In progress

We are nearing completion of Houghton Primary school phase 1.

The architect specified a Sarnafil Plus single ply roof system on this project, the benefits of the Plus system is Sarnafil will visit site and do a full comprehensive survey of the existing roofs and propose a detailed specification to bring the building up to current building regulations, following a second site survey and working closely with the architect the survey provided evidence that the existing felt roofs were past there life expectancy and the roof was failing in various areas causing water damage internally so the decision was made to upgrade the remaining roofs which have resulted in Cumbrian Roofing Solutions getting an extra 800m2 of roofing works to complete on phase 2 which will ensure its waterproofing for decades to come and reduce the heating costs substantially.

Phase 1 works consisted of a custom tapered insulation scheme designed for the client to suit the flat timber roof on the new section of works, this eliminates all ponding and enables all rainwater to run to the 3 points of drainage.

The pitched area’s of the roof are fully adhered but have a minimal insulation below the existing roof so we have added a 70mm Sarnatherm insulation board to fetch the insulation values up to current regulations.

Sika Sarnafil technician has checked progress and installation and as always its passed without issue.

Stage 4 Stage 3 Stage 2.


Beckfoot Hall, Kirkby Stephen

One of the nicest orangeries we have worked on.  Stunning property in south east Cumbria, 2 storey extension completed with bespoke glazing by Woodstyle Joinery who completed the main build to a very high standard.  Guttering completed by others.

IMG_0448 IMG_0451 IMG_0453 IMG_0454


Carelton Mill

Local orangery with stunning outlook.

Warm roof with VCL, 120mm insulation, Protan membrane.  Client wanted a clean tidy finish so we installed a secret gutter that is not visible from ground level, it was designed the width of the canopy so no insulation was needed and wide enough to be virtually maintenance free.       To tie new roof into traditional ourselves and the main contractor decided to use a lead chase to bridge the gap between traditional building and modern Orangery.

IMG_9933 IMG_9935 IMG_9936 IMG_9932


JD Weatherspoons 800m2, Whitehaven 2017

We got involved at an early stage after been approached off a Main Contractor we had not previously worked with following recommendations of others, with the roof been live at all times we worked alongside Sika Sarnafil and produced a Sarnafil Plus specification to overlay an existing roof membrane which had failed. Tests were done to ensure existing substrate was suitable for a mechanically fastened Sarnafil S327-18EL membrane could be installed complete with insulation upgrade.




20170405_103013 IMG-20170424-WA0010 20170405_103020

Camns Training facility 6000m2, Lillyhall West Cumbria 2017

Cumbrian Roofing Solutions Ltd where awarded the contract to supply and install a new single ply roof covering over an existing felt roof covering, working closely with Protan we developed a specification and did all required testing prior to works commencing to enable a Pre-fabricated Protan 20 year roof system to be installed, the benefits of the prefabricated system is less welding which reduces labour costs and programme, we also included all the roof timber works in our package to enable all works to progress side by side.

20170322_133320 20170322_132653



Domestic Works

Cumbrian Roofing Solutions Ltd install a large amount of domestic works throughout the North of England and Scotland, we can get involved with specifications to meet the requirements of building control for all new and refurbishment builds.

We have 100% success in resolving flat roof issues many have had from other systems being installed.  We only install the market leading premium systems that you have to be come a certified trader for.  Most of our fitters have over 10years experience.  We believe we have the best experienced fitters in the county working for us.

There is no need for any naked flames with our systems so there is virtually no risks to your property during installation unlike traditional felt roofing.

The other option home owners have is liquid applied systems.  We do offer these as well but they aren’t always economic when installed to manufacturers recommendations, which is vital!.  Please be aware a lot of these are off the shelf systems where any “Tom, Dick and Harry” can go and buy and paint on….  Unfortunately there is a lot of evidence that this has been the case, with the customer not being any wiser until a couple of years down the road (if there lucky).  Again we will only offer liquid applied systems where you have to be a registered contractor with at least 2 trained installers.

Below are examples of projects completed so please feel free to get in touch on 01228 528789 or for a free quotation.


Below:  Mr McPhail of Lowry Hill contacted us for a quotation on his aging dorma roofs.  He decided to go with us because we offered the best products, advice and service.  With our in house fabricating tools we were able to custom make all laminated metals for all perimeters and up under tiles which we are able to weld directly to.  As you can see from the photos it was indeed the edges that have failed and causing water ingress.

We discussed the options and decided the Protan 1.6SE system was most suited for this project.  Needless to say he was over the moon with the new roofs which will last for many decades ahead, as well as our first class service.

IMG_8999 IMG_9002 IMG_9075

IMG_9085 IMG_9082 IMG_9093


Below:  A lovely sunroom extension to a house nr Wetheral,  Fully insulated and taken right up under slates. Slaters were to return to finish off and install another row over our membrane, giving plenty of coverage.



Below: Sarnafil mechanically fixed system.  This was installed onto a new extension to a local nursing home.  We sent away all data for build to Sarnafil and they provided a detailed specification for the roof down to suit the design and location to protect from all the elements.

The client wanted some profiles welded on to give the traditional lead look.IMG_9171



Small dorma roof.  The architect specifically wanted Sarnafil knowing the quality and longevity of this product.  Again this was fully insulated with 120mm PIR insulation.  Proving these systems are suitable for any size roofs.

IMG_7217 IMG_7218


Below:  Although this isn’t a domestic build its an ideal solution for houses with valley gutters.  This again was a Sarnafil system specified by the architect.  He insisted on a product with 20yr guarantee so Sarnafil and ourselves came up with a laminated Sarnafil metal gutter liner.  We were able to custom make this on site and weld all joints up with the Sarnafil membrane.

IMG_9374 IMG_9355


Below: One  of 6 small roofs on a new development on the coastal town of Creetown.  A mechanically fixed system over engineered to protect against the strong winds that the area is vulnerable too.

IMG_9034 IMG_9031 IMG_9032


Below: A large new extension on a young couples home in Carlisle.  We were recommended by someone to the clients and after many discussions and advice we concluded the Protan SE system was most suited for this project.  Its been installed to the highest standard meeting all the manufacturers specification and has a 20yr.

IMG_9692 IMG_9686 IMG_9683 IMG_9682

The New Workington Leisure Centre 2016

Main Contractor: Robertsons North West

Cumbrian Roofing Solutions were awarded the contract to supply and install 3500m2 of metal decking with the main roof over the swimming pool consisting of acoustic decking with Rockwool infills, the decking was covered with a high performance self adhesive vapour control layer to give the building a watertight surface prior to the installation of a Cefil fully adhered installed as per manufacturers recommendations to give a 20 year insurance backed warranty.




Ennerdale Community Hub

Main Contractor: Roland Hill

Works consisted of Cumbrian Roofing Solutions getting a tapered roof insulation designed for the roof to allow for water to drain away to the designated outlets we then installed a Cefil RP roof membrane mechanically fastened and then installed a filter fleece to allow the Grufe modular Green roof system to be installed.

20160407_111915 Ennerdale Hub

Threave Visitor Centre

Main Contractor: Postlethwaites

Job consisted of removing all existing chippings on existing felt roof and mechanically fasten a new Sarnafil S327 roof system complete with insulation upgrade and then finished with decor profiles to give the roof a traditional metal look.

10537198_571917952934251_412019273174067205_o photo 4 (3)

Keswick School 2014/2015
Main Contractor: Lambert & Gill

Cumbrian Roofing Solutions where awarded the contract to supply and install all the Sarnafil single ply works, Zinc cladding and all Aluminium fascias and soffits.

All Zinc works was fabricated onsite allowing us to build bespoke panels and flashing’s direct off the coils saving time on programme, Single ply roofing was a full built up system consisting of Sarnavap, 150mm insulation and A Sarnafil S327 system.

2015-03-30 13.17.21 10407961_589252367867476_6074838651386470871_n

Tremissary House, Isle of Man

This amazing house set on the hill with stunning views of Douglas harbour needed a full new roof covering due to the previous fibreglass system failing. We visited site in 2013 to do a comprehensive survey and offer the client a roofing system that would last and agreed to return in 2014 to complete in better weather conditions. We had to install a Light steel frame with designed falls fixed into the existing rafters, we then installed a metal deck with a high performance VCL bonded too it, new insulation and Sika Trocal SX system come with 20 years warranty, the logistics involved with getting all the materials to the Island was probably the hardest part of the job.

photo 1 photo 2 (2)


Car Speed Autoparts, Carlisle Jan 2015

This project involved a full existing felt roof system been removed down to the original Metal Decking which we had tested to see if it was suitable to use a new Cefil Single ply roofing system.
We installed a Cefil RP 1.5 Lead Grey roof system complete with new 130mm insulation and a Cefil vapour control layer.
All upstands were plyed out and Cefil bespoke trims and membrane were installed to fully encapsulate.

Roof provided with 20 Year Guarantee

Workington Fire Station
Completed 2013

Main Contractor: Border Construction Ltd

Job Specification:
Cumbrian Roofing Solutions Ltd installed 1200m² of a Sarnafil S327-15EL Light grey Sarnafast system, on top of a 125mm Celotex EL3000 insulation board and a Sarnafil 1000E VCL, all upstands/downstands installed as per manufacturers recomendations.

We also supplied and installed the metal profile deck prior to the above been installed

Trinity School Carlisle
Completed 2013

Main Contractor: Border Construction Ltd

Job Specification:
Around 2000m² of Sarnafil G410-12ELF has been bonded directly onto the existing felt roofs which had failed over a period of time and was causing water ingress. All walls and copings were fully encapsulated with plywood and covered over using the Sarnafil G410-12EL membrane. Various existing roof lights were removed and replaced with new Brett Martin triple skin lights and we also installed Latchways safety systems in conjunction with our membrane.

Langdale Hotel and Spa, Great Langdale
Completed 2013

Main Contractor: Thomas Armstrong

Job Specification:
Cumbrian Roofing Solutions Ltd were awarded the contract of installing a Sarnafil roof System to various Roof locations and approx 160Lm of Balcony’s on one of the Lake Districts most prestige Hotels, Roof Membrane on the Stairwells are a Sarnafil S327-15EL mechanically fixed system including insulation, and Terrace areas consist of a Sarnafil G410-15EL system fully adhered to plywood and protected with a G445-13 protection sheet to enable timber decking to be installed.

United Utilities PLC, Windermere TIC
Completed 2013

Main Contractor: Nu Style Builders

Job Specification:
Roof works consisted of a level concrete slab, which we primed with a Sarnafil 600 primer in order to install a high performance Sarnavap 5000SA self adhesive vapour barrier, insulation was a cut to falls scheme bonded direct to the VCL and then covered using a G410-15ELF membrane which was fully adhered to the insulation. All upstands/coping was fully encapsulated using plywood and waterproofed using a Sarnafil G410-15EL membrane, all penetrations dressed using the Sarnafil membrane to give a 100% waterproof solution.

Caldew School Art Block, Dalston
Completed 2013

Main Contractor: CC Build
Job Specification:
The Art block was suffering from water ingress in various locations, on removal of the sheeting it revealed a condensation problem. We worked closely with the client and architect to come up with a system to eliminate the condensation and prevent all water ingress. Works involved total removal of existing cladding, install a high performance 5000SA VCL, 120mm insulation with all joints foil taped and a new exterior plywood installed, a 5 fold pre fabricated metal gutter liner was made and fixed over existing and then a Sarnafil S327-15EL system mechanically fixed was installed to waterproof all elevations, to prevent condensation a continuous void detail was installed around the building to let it breath.